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Legends of the Sufis

Legends of the Sufis

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Legends of the Sufis by Shemsu-'d-Din Ahmed El Eflaki

Legends of the Sufis is a collection of anecdotes taken from Acts of the Adepts written by the historian Shemsu-‘D-Din Ahmed, El Eflaki in A.D. 1353. It is a book that will prove to be of interest to those readers wishing to know more about the life and family background of the great Persian sage and teacher Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273). These stories and legends of events in the lives of Rumi and other Sufi figures associated with the Mevlevi Order are profound and often miraculous. They contain also much practical wisdom and in this respect they are timeless. The tales within this collection can be taken at many levels depending upon the reader’s receptivity. Herein lie the sources from which Rumi constructed some of his finest poetry, and which remains some of the most beautiful poetry in the world today. Preface by Idries Shah.

ISBN: 0-7229-5050-9

Binding: Paperback

Edition: 1977

Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House, London

Pages: 125 pages

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